At FCS, we believe three important denominators separate us from the multitude of choices our competition represents:

  • We hire, retain, and compensate the best possible candidates to become FCS security professionals. Many of our numbers come from law enforcement, the military and other careers in and out of the security profession. All FCS employees have access to health care benefits, paid holidays and vacation, and a 401K plan. We seek to make FCS a career, not a job. Our refrain is that we are full service, professional security operation.
  • We believe the single biggest difference between us and the competition, is training. At FCS we go well beyond whatever minimum level of training is required to license a security professional because we think this leads to better outcomes for the company, the employee, and most importantly, the customer. Training is overseen by a Vice President at Corporate who understands both the training environment as well as the security industry.
  • A passion for professionalism and doing the right thing; No excuses – No exceptions. At FCS, we set the bar high for all of our employees in every level of the security discipline. We maintain an internal Inspection Division that does regular inspections and audits of all of our operations both in the field and at Corporate. We give all of our security professionals the tools and the training to do the best possible job for the customer, and then we hold them accountable to do just that.

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