Cleared Defense Contractor Security Services

Security defense contractors and related firms have the challenge of recruiting and maintaining a full staff of security professionals with appropriate clearances and training them to handle the responsibilities of the defense sector.

FCS Security Knows Defense Security

  • We recommend and implement the industry‚Äôs best practices for our clients. We provide specialized training that prepares our security officers for the unique challenges of the defense industry, including work around classified information, and even the most highly restricted areas.
  • We offer local Washington DC and the surrounding area managers who understand the demands of the industry and provide responsive customer service to meet the specialized staffing and compliance requirements of the defense sector.

FCS Security Provide Security Officers Who:

  • Are trained for all defense-related tasks, including armed guarding
  • Have passed rigorous background checks
  • Hold classified, secret and top-secret clearances
  • Possess U.S. military experience