We deliver complex federal, state and local contract security to government offices and agencies, laboratories, military installations in the Washington DC and the surrounding communities. Our experience with security guard operations, vulnerability assessments, force protection policies and emergency missions allows us to integrate a customized, comprehensive physical security program with your existing operations.

Government buildings and offices, as well as all government-related structures and points of reference with the public, are at constant risk from terror threats and all homeland security-related risks. That is why it is imperative, more than ever, for any physical embodiment of government which is staffed and which is visited by the public must have a fully comprehensive, tough security management system in place.

FCS Security’s philosophy is that we value and respect the contribution that government make to our society. We provide our esteemed clients in government with security solutions that are customized, respectful and sensitive to the needs of national, state and local security. We will do so to the highest standard, as befitting of what FCS stands for. It is what we do, with pride and conviction.