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The rapid expansion in capabilities, together with a decline in the cost of technology has made it appropriate for use in augmenting the security posture of your operation. We integrate technology into security for one reason – to make protecting your interests more efficient and effective than it was before the technology existed.

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Guard Tour & LMS Technology

We partnered with Archon Tech Strategies to develop the Compass 360 Security App, a reporting platform for all of our security operations, and then we added full dispatch capabilities, Guard Tour Capture, Incident Reporting, and e-learning to the platform. Today, that technology is being deployed on every FCS post and in every security operations center and patrol vehicle.

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Team Software

FCS relies on industry-leading scheduling technology as well as compliance tracking to schedule security guard shifts across multiple locations, considering the unique requirements of each location in the scheduling process. For the technical aspects of scheduling, FCS utilizes the scheduling software WinTeam, which uses a computerized scheduling program to match post assignments with officer training levels.

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Gate Sentry Visitor Management Software

We’ve partnered with Gate Sentry Visitor Management to provide our clients with a completely mobile visitor management solution, revolutionizing visitor access for guarded properties.

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