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Whatever, wherever, and whoever that may be. We provide world-class services, delivered by highly trained professionals who are inspired to serve at their utmost potential. We ensure this by recruiting, training, and retaining people who share our commitment to excellence.

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Protecting Your Assets With:

Armed & Unarmed Security

Since FCS was founded in 1999, its leaders have remained committed to a customer service model that recognizes and reacts to the unique needs of each work site. Each officer is trained to perform his or her job to the highest standard, and empowered to make the right decisions in split-second scenarios.

Patrol Services

FCS offers a wide range of mobile patrol services, also known as roving or security patrols. We provide site-wide security for residential gated communities, commercial properties, construction sites, as well as addressing numerous other situations, such as alarm response and emergency response for natural disasters, with services that are customized to your needs.

On-Site Security

Our fixed post security services control access points to buildings, events and properties. Our officers are trained to secure access points through the use of ID verification, magnetometers, x-ray screening, and handheld wanding. FCS offers a on-site security to a wide range of locations such as residential gated communities, commercial properties, data centers, and government buildings.


I have been very, very impressed with the level of quality, consistency, service and professionalism they have shown me over the time I have worked, serviced their clients. Great experience.
Jaleel A. Atum, PSO
Job well done with the family partnered family, much love and positive environment. FCS is the best!
Brittany Mcenzy
Great company to work for that actually care about their employees that put pride into their work.
Jonathan Tringali, FCS Security
Great company to work for that actually cares about their employees that put pride into their work.
Jonathan Tringali, FCS Security


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Protecting Our Client’s Best Interests Since 1999

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Advanced Technology

The rapid expansion in capabilities, together with a decline in the cost of technology has made it appropriate for use in augmenting the security posture of your operation. We integrate technology into security for one reason – to make protecting your interests more efficient and effective than it was before the technology existed.

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FCS is uniquely positioned to provide the very best in security services to our clients. It has the size and the experience of a national security provider, while continuing to be a private company that values partner relationships and exceptional customer service. FCS has experience in every security discipline.

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