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FCS is uniquely positioned to provide the very best security services to our clients. It has the size and the experience of a national security provider while continuing to be a private company that values partner relationships and exceptional customer service. FCS has experience in every security discipline, including:


FCS provides customized commercial security answers for a variety of issues including loss prevention, vandalism, safety, access control, and monitoring and alarm verification. From armed or unarmed security officers to state-of-the-art security surveillance monitoring, FCS can keep your business protected 24 hours a day.

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Data Centers

Data Centers have a unique set of security requirements. By hosting other companies’ IT infrastructure, data centers have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients to provide a secure facility. All types of corporations, including banks, oil and gas, government agencies and other financial organizations, trust all of their important and sensitive data to the third-party data center.

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Federal & Local Government

We deliver complex federal, state and local contract security to government offices and agencies, laboratories, military installations in addition to private corporations and residential communities. Our experience with security guard operations, vulnerability assessments, force protection policies and emergency missions allows us to integrate a customized, comprehensive physical security program with your existing operations.

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Financial Institutions

FCS works with financial institutions with security on the

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UNF Campus

Educational Insititutions

Many educational institutions are unprepared for the events and tragedies found in recent headlines across the country. Schools and campuses should be a safe haven for students and teachers, yet we are frequently reminded of the vast vulnerabilities that exist in school security. Whether it be violent assaults, bullying, weather emergencies or lockdown scenarios, FCS has the experience and resources to provide the highest level of security available.

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Developing a safe and secure environment for a commercial or residential property is the responsibility of the entire community. These facilities must be vigilant in providing security on their properties. Occupants of these facilities expect the highest level of security services related to personal safety, access control, and physical security. FCS knows that home is where the heart is and wants your residents, their families and their guests to feel safe, secure and welcome.

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