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The rapid expansion in capabilities, together with a decline in the cost of technology has made it appropriate for use in augmenting the security posture of your operation. We integrate technology into security for one reason – to make protecting your interests more efficient and effective than it was before the technology existed.

Compass 360 Security Platform

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We partnered with Archon Tech Strategies to develop the Compass 360 Security App, a reporting platform for all of our security operations, and then we added full dispatch capabilities, Guard Tour Capture, Incident Reporting, and e-learning to the platform. Today, that technology is being deployed on every FCS post and in every security operations center and patrol vehicle.

In addition to making FCS officers more effective and efficient, the Compass 360 Security Platform allows you real-time visibility into the security posture of your operation. You can sign into the web page and/or receive push or pull notifications via email and text message about the portions of your operations that are of the most concern to you. We continue to add training modules for both in-service training and customer site specific training to the e-learning portal on the Compass 360 Security App, making continuous training of FCS officers an incredibly efficient process. Compass 360 Security features powerful analytics that are continuing to evolve and can be customized to your requirements.

Internet Protocol (IP)

High resolution cameras, and digital hardware and software make it possible to monitor a security position from anywhere in the world more efficiently than ever. We can deliver images to your security operations center or ours, or anywhere in between including our patrol vehicles, iPads, and smart phones to protect your interests. We have also figured out how to leverage the use of drones and robotics into security solutions where those technologies make sense and add value.

FCS relies on industry-leading scheduling technology as well as compliance tracking to schedule security guard shifts across multiple locations, considering the unique requirements of each location in the scheduling process. For the technical aspects of scheduling, FCS utilizes the scheduling software WinTeam, which uses a computerized scheduling program to match post assignments with officer training levels. WinTeam allows supervisors to manage scheduling for officers across multiple locations while considering not only individual post assignments, but operational requirements for each individual location. This system tracks and stores real-time training and certification information to guarantee that scheduled officers comply with contract standards, specific site requirements, and licensing requirements.

Gate Sentry Visitor Management Software

Gate Sentry is the most technologically advanced visitor management solution available on the market. It dramatically enhances security by linking residents and end-users directly to the security team via cutting-edge cloud-code technology. Gate Sentry is a completely mobile visitor management system, revolutionizing visitor access for guarded properties. Featuring mobile apps for residents and security staff, Gate Sentry syncs in real-time to provide accurate visitor management without the expense of added hardware or software. This solution eliminates outdated paper logs, expensive hardware, software and printing required by other visitor management systems and allows residents to manage their guest list from anywhere in the world.

Gate Access is controlled by our Gate Officers utilizing the Gate Sentry System which allows the residents to manage their personal and visitor access through their computer and their mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.). The app allows residents to manage their personal profiles and easily control and remotely modify their guest list from anywhere in the world. Our security team can verify guest identity, capture visitor photo identification, grant access and send a mobile notification to the resident in less than 20 seconds upon guest arrival.

Residents are updated with push notifications immediately to their device eliminating phone calls
and guesswork and allows immediate updates. A complete history report will be available for the
community and residents that will include; guests visiting the community, date, time, name of
guest and any contractors and their employees. This application allows for easy tracking,
reporting and faster processing time.

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