Turtle Creek HOA faced a significant dilemma – they recently selected a relatively well-known local firm as their new security staffing provider. Unfortunately, performance fell well below promotional expectations, and after a series of failed attempts to improve, the HOA executed their 30-day termination rights. Simultaneously, the Board was undergoing a leadership change. New leadership requested an extension of the contract to accommodate a more timely transition of services. The incumbent refused, leaving the HOA at risk of a critical security lapse – and facing a very tight timeline.


Turtle Creek is an exclusive gated community located in Orlando’s premier Dr. Phillips neighborhood. Residents enjoy custom-built homes in a community that offers privacy and 24/7 security while remaining close to award winning schools, championship golf courses, themed attractions, fine dining, and entertainment.

At risk of a critical security lapse, they needed a security partner who could not only provide a consistently higher quality of service – but who could also swiftly navigate a challenging labor market to meet an aggressive timeline.

Their property management partner was familiar with members of the First Coast leadership executive team, who had resolved similar challenges at other communities.

They recommended that HOA leadership reach out to us for immediate assistance.


  • Turtle Creek aimed to resolve ongoing challenges they suffered with their incumbent provider – including inadequate access control resulting from poor management, high turnover and attrition, overworked staff, and unfilled post assignments.
  • Given the critical timeline, they needed to identify a partner who could not only credibly resolve those challenges – but who could also navigate a challenging labor market to properly screen, train, equip, and staff dedicated security personnel less than a week after proposal.


  • Turtle Creek sought proposals from several security firms, conducting interviews with each. During the vetting process, they quickly identified First Coast as their preferred partner.

“We saw in First Coast a partner that was experienced and large enough to quickly address the staffing challenges – but small enough to provide a more intimate, hands-on partnership, and not lose us in a myriad of other contracts.” – M. Orlovky, HOA President


  • Based on internal briefings, our HR and Operational teams anticipated the tight timeline, and prepared in advance for a potential award and rapid transition.
  • Those teams received notice of a verbal award on Friday afternoon, and moved into action immediately – working through the weekend to recruit/interview/screen/uniform/train incumbent officers and new hires for the community. Likewise, our executive team worked through the weekend to author/negotiate/execute the various related contractual and support documentation.
  • By the following Tuesday evening, the program was fully staffed, and our team was onsite to relieve the incumbent provider.
  • Over the course of the following weeks, our management team worked closely with the Security Committee Chair to make the necessary improvements in training, communication, processes, and post orders to ensure proper access control to the community.

“I can’t stress enough how strong the collaboration was through that weekend to avoid the security lapse. It was fantastic, really amazing! It went much smoother than we anticipated.”- J Malcolm, HOA Security Committee Chair


  • Today, community members collectively report a significant improvement in the quality of service that make them feel safer and more secure.
  • Board members have expressed appreciation for an engaged management team that sets clear expectations, focuses on the care and morale of our officers, and holds staff accountable for delivering exceptional service.
  • As the team approached the 60-day milestone on that effort, several members of the Turtle Creek community joined us to congratulate them individually and collectively on the exceptional turnaround and partnership.

“Since transition, we’ve developed strong Post Orders that are regularly updated, enjoy exceptional communication and responsiveness to any concerns, and have built a very strong partnership. Everyone in the community is delighted.” – J Malcolm, HOA Security Committee Chair